IDSS Import Template and Materials

We are pleased to share with you this year's IDSS Import Template for use with the Interactive Data Submission System, IDSS. For the xml and xsd files below, if you do not wish to view (or save) these files from your browser window, then right-click "save target as" to save the file to your machine. 

IDSS Import Template

  1. Intro to the IDSS Import XML - a general overview of the import format
  2. Commercial Import Template - xml import template for commercial submissions. (updated 12/29/16)
  3. Medicaid Import Template - xml import template for medicaid submissions. (updated 12/29/16)
  4. Medicare Import Template - xml import template for medicare submissions. (updated 12/29/16)
  5. Marketplace Import Template - xml import template for marketplace submissions (updated 12/29/16)
  6. Generic Import Template - all product lines combined (commercial, Medicaid, Medicare and Marketplace) with no audit elements. (updated 12/29/16)
  7. Import Template Schema (xsd) - the (xsd) schema file for the IDSS import templates (updated 12/29/16)
  8. ECDS XML Schema – the (xsd) schema file for the ECDS measures (DMS and DRR) import templates. (updated 3/27/17)
  9. ECDS Import Template - xml import template for ECDS submissions. (updated 4/11/17)

IDSS Data Dictionaries

CSV files containing all measure IDs and descriptions; data element names and descriptions; and data type.

  1. Commercial (updated 12/29/16) 
  2. Medicaid (updated 12/29/16)
  3. Medicare  (updated 12/29/16)
  4. Marketplace (updated 12/29/16)

Relative Resource Use

Due to the suspension of Relative Resource Use (RRU) HEDIS Measures, Health plans should not report RRU measures for 2017.” Submit questions at

RRU Suspension Memo

Latest Updates

  • 05/02/2017- Second Tier file and Crosswalk: Removed DAE error Validation dae-v-44118588. Due to the changes in 2017 specifications, it was discovered that there is a possibility for At least two prescriptions to be greater than One prescription.
  • 05/02/2017 - Third Tier Validation: Removed HAI warning validations for each data element (4) for “Number of Contracted Hospitals should be less than or equal to 500.” In reviewing the definition for contracted hospitals, there is a possibility for more than 500 hospitals.

First-Tier Validation File:  

  • 03/23/17- First-Tier Validation File: The Validation Index has been changed from 6 to 8 and All Percentage of Total Discharge fields for each Classification updated to accept “0” or “1”. The validation message will now read - must be either blank or a number from 0 to 1.
  •  3/29/17- First-tier validation file for HAI measure Plan-Weighted SIR fields to all for anything over 1, 4 decimal places and will all for 0 and 1.  The Validation message has been updated back to allow for either blank or a number 0 or above.


For general inquiries or training information related to the IDSS tool please submit a question to my.ncqa.

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