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Digital measurement ideas for providers.

Post-DQS Analysis—Interoperability Rules Impact

As I discussed in the two previous blogs, we surveyed HEDIS® Certified Vendors ahead of the 2021 Digital Quality Summit and conducted participant polls during the Track 2 sessions. In this blog, let’s look at a question we asked both vendors and participants: “How will interoperability rules and availability of FHIR endpoints change HEDIS data collection/operations?” 

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Choosing an RPM Platform to Improve Quality

Vanessa Guzman's February Blog

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DMC Bytes - Digital Phenotype

Check out the weekly news digest which highlights important topics in healthcare. 

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COVID-19 and Telehealth

Dr. Michael Barr, healthcare leader, innovator, and physician shares his thoughts on Telehealth and COVID-19.   Check out the link here to learn more NCQA’s response to COVID-19.   How has telehealth impacted your organization? What are some telehealth practices that your organization has implemented? Share your thoughts in the community forum .  

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Introduction to Digital Measures

View the introduction to Digital Measures video above to learn more about how NCQA is developling and digitalizing our measures. For more information, view our Future of HEDIS Webinars.

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Transformation of Healthcare Quality Using FHIR

During the Digital Quality Summit 2019, Dr. Halamka shared with attendees what is next for quality measurement.    Learn more about the direction quality measurement is heading towards.    Share your thoughts within the community forum on what is next for quality measurement.

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