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Post-DQS Analysis—Interoperability Rules Impact

As I discussed in the two previous blogs, we surveyed HEDIS® Certified Vendors ahead of the 2021 Digital Quality Summit and conducted participant polls during the Track 2 sessions. In this blog, let’s look at a question we asked both vendors and participants: “How will interoperability rules and availability of FHIR endpoints change HEDIS data collection/operations?” 

The figure below shows the raw results for vendors.* 

*I should note that the survey had six respondents, but the survey has technically 8 responses. That is explained by the fact that two vendors responded to “B” and to one other option. The vendors clarified that although they expect the transition to make things more complicated in the short run, they see eventual simplification. Because the survey was intended only for directional guidance, I kept the duplicate responses. 

The figure below shows the raw results for participants (98 out of about 250); there was no multiple choice option. 

Although about a quarter of participants felt that the impact would be either negligible or make things more complicated, a clear majority saw simplification resulting from implementing interoperability rules and standards. In that sense, the audience’s overall sentiment was not that different from the vendors’.  

What is interesting, however, is that a much larger number of audience participants (38%)—predominantly representing payers and providers—saw interoperability as a “game changer,” while only one vendor did (about 17%). To oversimplify just a bit, it seems that payers and providers are beginning to see the potential in interoperability. I consider that a positive and encouraging sign. 

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Community Questions 

  • How do you see interoperability impacting clinical data and dQMs, and why? 
  • Which aspects do you think are most important: Standards? Technology? Enforcement? 

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