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New Issue Brief on Leveraging Electronic Clinical Data for HEDIS

NCQA has released an issue brief - Leveraging Electronic Clinical Data for HEDIS®: Insights & Opportunities - which summarizes strategies to improve clinical data use and sharing, based on interviews with health plans that have begun reporting HEDIS measures using the ECDS reporting standard.  

Key findings: 

  • While the number of health plans reporting measures using ECDS has increased, participation is still lower than other HEDIS
  • Health plans see great value in leveraging electronic clinical data for quality measurement as it can lead to a more complete picture of quality and support better care management.  
  • Challenges remain for using these data, including lack of standardized data capture at the point of care and inefficient sharing of relevant information between health care systems.  
  • Various stakeholders (e.g., NCQA, health plans, policymakers) can take actions to help address challenges and drive better use and sharing of electronic clinical data across the health care system.  

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