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Is Your Organization Ready for Digital Reporting?

NCQA’s recent release of the HEDIS MY 2022 Digital Measures supports the widening focus on a more standardized and agile approach to quality measurement reporting. It’s exciting to see so many more measures available for digital measurement—but although the increase provides significant opportunities for organizations, it also requires organizations to evaluate their readiness during the transition to digital reporting. There’s a lot to consider while building a strategy: Will we purchase the entire measure bundle? And if we do, what will we do with it? Can we report any measures digitally?  

We can drop these questions can into high-level buckets: data governance and integration, process and validation. For example, as organizations grow over time, data may not always align. Does our organization have the historical data to support accurate measurement in digital format? Does our data structure support data categorization? Even more critical, can its systems ingest CQL measure code and return a rate?  

Take time to understand how to utilize your data and resources to increase your chances for success. From a process perspective, consider the need to report rates through IDSS for Health Plan Ratings and your contractual requirements as Medicaid and Medicare plans. And don’t forget to consider non-HEDIS measures. There’s been scant information on when—or if—the Adult/Child Core Set will transition to digital measurement. You’ll also want to understand your organization’s capabilities for reporting digital measures, but ultimately the focus must be on IDSS reporting, which includes collecting supplemental data from HIEs, providers and (of course) medical records in support of the hybrid measure reporting process. 

Finally, how will digital measures be validated? As NCQA launches its Data Aggregator Validation program (hooray!), I look forward to guidance on the validation efforts and requirements of digital measures. Since the measure package will be available to payers directly, will NCQA also release
test decks to ensure conformity with measure reporting expectations?  

I look to y’all to engage in this conversation with me. Let me know if you have similar concerns. Tell me how your organization is addressing them. I hope to hear from you—whether in this forum or connect with me on LinkedIn. 

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