Kidney Health Toolkit

Kidney Health Toolkit

Kidney Health Toolkit

Improving the Quality
of Kidney Care

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is common but under-recognized. Over 37 million adults in the US have CKD and as many as 90% don’t know it, because it often has no symptoms. Many people are also unaware of CKD causes and risk factors, including diabetes.

Early diagnosis, regular monitoring and ongoing management of CKD are crucial to preventing or delaying its progression and health complications. Health plans and primary care teams play a critical role in identifying and managing CKD.

The Kidney Health Toolkit includes the following tools to help patients and care teams navigate CKD diagnosis, monitoring and management:

Let’s Talk About Diabetes and Kidney Health: Ready-Set-TestProvider guide on diabetes and CKD testing.
Are Your Kidneys at Risk?Patient infographic on CKD risk factors and testing.
You’ve Been Diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Now What?Patient pamphlet on understanding a CKD diagnosis and next steps.
Chronic Kidney Disease: Talk, Listen, LearnPatient and provider poster on how to talk about CKD.
Population Health Roadmap for Chronic Kidney DiseaseRoadmap for health plans and health systems to encourage the use of population health management to improve CKD care.

Learn more about best practices in promoting kidney health and CKD care.

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