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Information PageNCQA’s Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2019-2020

Last modified 11.18.2021

NCQA’s Health Insurance Plan Ratings 2019–2020 list private (commercial), Medicare and Medicaid health insurance plans based on their combined HEDIS®, CAHPS® and NCQA Accreditation standards scores.…

NewsNCQA Releases 2016 Health Insurance Plan Ratings

Last modified 01.15.2019

More than 1,000 health plans are rated based on performance and quality of care

NewsNCQA Releases 2017 Health Insurance Plan Ratings

Last modified 01.15.2019

See Top 10 States with Highest Rated Health Insurance Plans

NewsNCQA Releases 2018 Health Insurance Plan Ratings

Last modified 01.15.2019

See Top 10 States with Highest-Rated Health Insurance Plans

Blog Post/PodcastNCQA Releases 2016 Health Insurance Plan Ratings

Published 09.21.2016

NCQA is widely known for many things, like ensuring quality and equity in health care. But…

Information PageCovid (Archived)

Last modified 03.24.2023


Information PageData: Purchase and Licensing

Last modified 09.22.2022

Data: Purchase and Licensing Use NCQA Data to Benchmark and Analyze Quality. NCQA makes its data available for purchase by health plans, provider organizations, states,…

Information PageConsumers

Last modified 09.17.2021

NCQA gives consumers the information they need to find high-quality health care. We do this by measuring the quality of practices, providers, health plans and…

Information PageMaximizing the Use of Accreditation

Last modified 11.24.2020

Supporting a State’s Quality Priorities NCQA is always ready to help states identify the best way to meet their quality goals. The approach varies by state: It could…

NewsNew Health Plan Ratings Help Americans Find Quality Care During COVID and Opioid Crises

Last modified 09.23.2021

New Health Plan Ratings from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) give businesses and consumers who buy health insurance a user-friendly resource for choosing health plans.