FAQs: School-Based Medical Home Recognition Program

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the NCQA School-Based Medical Home Recognition Program. If you don’t see what you are looking for below, you can ask a question through My NCQA.

What is NCQA School-Based Medical Home Recognition?

NCQA Recognition programs are developed from evidence-based concepts, competencies and criteria. These programs recognize clinicians, practices and care entities that follow medical evidence to deliver quality care and improve over time. Payers, medical specialty boards and others use NCQA Recognition to identify providers that excel in providing high-quality, patient-centered care.

School-based health centers download the Standards and Guidelines document, review the criteria, perform a gap analysis and apply the criteria based on their needs. After transformation, they use NCQA’s Q-PASS system to submit evidence to NCQA that they meet standard requirements.

How does the School-Based Medical Home Recognition Program help my organization?

The goal of the recognition program is to ensure that school-based health centers can operate as a medical home for the children who need these services—and for those who don’t, that centers can effectively manage acute needs and connect patients back to their usual care provider.

The program provides guidance for functioning as a school-based medical home for a primary care population, and for ensuring delivery of integrated, coordinated care for patients seeking episodic care or outpatient treatment.

What are the requirements for the School-Based Medical Home Recognition Program?

The Standards and Guidelines document contains the School-Based Medical Home Recognition program requirements and information your practice needs to demonstrate to NCQA that you meet criteria. Refer to the concepts and criteria within this document, available for free download from the NCQA store. This document contains tables with criteria and information about evidence your practice must submit to NCQA.

Where can I find the Standards and Guidelines?

The Standards and Guidelines document can be found in the NCQA Store.

What organizations are eligible for the School-Based Medical Home Recognition Program?

To be eligible to apply for recognition, a school-based health center must operate as a full medical home for less than 75 percent of the population. It must also provide coordinated services with a patient’s primary care provider or provide episodic care for students with urgent or emergent needs.

What is the process for earning School-Based Medical Home Recognition?

To become an NCQA School-Based Medical Home, a school-based health center learns the NCQA School-Based Medical Home concepts and required criteria and begins the transformation process. NCQA conducts online check-ins to gauge the practice’s progress and discuss the next steps in the evaluation.  View the complete recognition process.

What is the price for the School-Based Medical Home Recognition Program?

NCQA School-Based Medical Home Recognition pricing is based on a practice’s eligibility for single site pricing or multi-site pricing, and on the number of clinicians in the practice.

Review School-Based Medical Home Recognition pricing.

How long will it take to earn School-Based Medical Home Recognition Program?

Although it varies because centers work at their own pace, typically it takes 12 months.

How do I get started?

If your practice is not currently recognized and is interested in learning more about NCQA Recognition, contact NCQA. If your practice is currently recognized and wants to talk to someone about its current status, renewing or adding recognitions, submit a question through My NCQA.

Are there any other documents or information that will help me get started?

Go to the Resources section on the NCQA website for everything you need to move forward with the recognition process.

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