The Digital Measures Collaborative

The Digital Measures Collaborative (DMC) is a joint effort between NCQA and its stakeholders to redefine quality measurement.  It is a platform for sharing intelligence, and for stakeholders to provide input to ensure that NCQA’s digitally specified measures meet their potential.

Stakeholders include:

  • Health care innovators
  • Data intermediaries
  • Quality measurement experts
  • Clinical metrics staff
  • Clinical informatics professional
  • Federal and state representatives
  • Senior health care decision makers
  • Quality improvement managers and directors
  • Clinical data analysts and scientists
  • Health IT professionals

Participation in the collaborative provides the opportunity to engage in development of digital measures before they are implemented in HEDIS®. The collaborative is also an active platform to inspire discussions on how digital measures can improve the efficiency of quality measurement.

The DMC meets quarterly to share information and discuss upcoming opportunities, including:

  • Updates on NCQA’s strategic direction in producing new digital measures.
  • Discussions on the use of HL7 standards for quality measurement and the field’s readiness to implement these measures.
  • Best-practice demonstrations of emerging technologies and successful pilots of new measures.
  • A community discussion board on SharePoint.
  • Opportunities for testing digital measure packages and providing feedback.

HEDIS Digital Measure Testing

NCQA seeks HEDIS users from the collaborative to test HEDIS digital measures. The testing process includes accessing CQL-based measures and associated artifacts from NCQA and producing performance results from member data, in addition to providing detailed, qualitative assessments of the measures’ usability and feasibility.

Interested in Joining the Collaborative?

• Email Ziqing Wei at wei@ncqa.org
• Include organization name and contact information


NCQA Electronic Clinical Data System Reporting (ECDS)
FAQ for NCQA ECDS Measures (search for “ECDS” in the search bar)
The HL7 Clinical Quality Information Workgroup

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

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