Track 1: Data Exchange for Quality: HL7 FHIR®

What’s the big idea?

The clinical quality measures (CQM) ecosystem is evolving to a more standardized, automated process for measure authoring, data gathering and quality reporting and FHIR plays a role in supporting this move towards a more interoperable exchange of data for quality.

Why should I care?

Many of the major stakeholders in quality are moving quickly towards a FHIR-based ecosystem and this will require substantial change to quality measurement, data exchange and reporting practices. Organizations looking to be successful in this new ecosystem should understand what adoption of this technology means for them and their organization.

What will I do?

This track will familiarize attendees interested in electronic clinical quality measurement with how FHIR is being used in the context of the Data Exchange for Quality Measurement (DEQM) and quality measure Implementation Guides (IG) published by HL7. Attendees will understand how these IGs fit together and how the exchange is represented by the reference implementation being created by the DaVinci project.

Attendees will become knowledgeable about FHIR and how it works, they will also understand how the landscape for quality measures is transitioning to FHIR and its implications for quality measurement. Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss the quality measures framework and inform the FHIR community about what is needed to move forward.

Who should attend?

Quality measure stewards, measure authors, health care organizations who participate in measure programs, vendors and anyone else interested in FHIR.

Track Lead:

Dr. Viet Nguyen is an internist, pediatrician, clinical informaticist and consultant to government and commercial organizations in developing interoperable workflows and technologies. He has over 15 years of experience in Health IT focused on interoperability standards and product development. Formerly the CMIO for Lockheed-Martin and Leidos Corporation, Dr. Nguyen is a nationally recognized FHIR educator, a FHIR Foundation Board Member, CMO for the Health Services Platform Consortium and Technical Director for the HL7 Da Vinci Project.



Track Faculty:

Linda Michaelsen is Optum’s Director of Healthcare Interoperability Standards. She has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Linda is the key voting member representing Optum’s HL7 membership and leads our organization’s HL7 Interoperability Center of Excellence. Since 2008, Linda has worked with Optum Data Exchange(ODX). She is HL7 CDA certified and FHIR Proficient. Additionally, she has experience with HL7 v2 transactions and IHE transactions. Linda is a member of the HL7 CDA Management Group and co-chair of HL7 Payer User Group. Linda is co-lead on several Da Vinci Project Implementation Guides, member of Argonaut Steering Committee and a member of the ONC’s P2 FHIR Ecosystem Taskforce’s Coordinating Committee.

Track Liaison:

Yanyan Hu

Associate Project Director, Division of Healthcare Quality Evaluation, The Joint Commission





Track Resources

Editing and Validating CQL


FHIR® is the registered trademark of HL7 and is used with the permission of HL7.

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