Feedback Wanted: Public Comment Now Open

Virtual Primary Care and Urgent Care Recognition Program

Reviewers are asked to submit comments in writing via the NCQA public comment website by 11:59pm (ET), Friday, April 12.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) invites the public to comment on its proposed Virtual Primary Care and Urgent Care Recognition program.

The landscape of health care delivery has undergone significant transformation with the rapid adoption of virtual care, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the shift in health care delivery, there is a need for quality standards tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by virtual and hybrid primary and urgent care organizations.

To address this need, we developed two evaluation modules designed for virtual primary care and virtual urgent care organizations. Program measures aim to create standardization, align with the changing market landscape and stakeholder (states, employers, CMS, consumers) needs and regulatory requirements and assist organizations in their pursuit of quality care.


Quality and Patient Safety

  • QPS 5: Training Primary and Urgent Care 
  • QPS 6: Health Assessments Primary Care
  • QPS 8: Medication Reconciliation Primary and Urgent Care
  • QPS 9: Prescribing Patterns Primary and Urgent Care
  • QPS 10: Quality Measurement Primary Care
  • QPS 11: Quality Measurement Urgent Care

Care Coordination

  • CC 2: Informed Visit Primary Care
  • CC 3: Triaging Primary and Urgent Care
  • CC 4: Appropriate Modality of Care Primary and Urgent Care
  • CC 5: Referral Process Primary and Urgent Care
  • CC 7: Closed Loop Referrals Primary Care
  • CC 8: Closed Loop Referrals Urgent Care
  • CC 9: Referral to Primary Care Practitioner Primary and Urgent Care

Equitable Access

  • EA 3: Social Needs Data Collection Primary Care
  • EA 5: Use of Data to Improve Access Primary Care
  • EA 6: Use of Data to Assess Disparities Primary Care
  • EA 10: Assessment of Digital Health Literacy Primary and Urgent Care

Patient and Provider Experience

  • PPE 1: Provider Availability Primary and Urgent Care
  • PPE 3: Improve Provider Experience Primary and Urgent Care
  • PPE 4: Assessment of Patient Experience Primary and Urgent Care

Data Sharing and Exchange Standards

  • DSE 2: Use of Individual-Level Data Primary and Urgent Care

Virtual Care Public Comment Memo

Virtual Primary and Urgent Care Proposed Standards 

Comment Submission Instructions

About Public Comment

NCQA shares these updates for public comment to generate thoughtful commentary and constructive suggestions from interested parties. Many comments lead to changes in our standards and policies, and the review process makes our standards stronger for all stakeholders. NCQA asks respondents to consider whether the requirements are feasible as written and are clearly articulated, and to highlight areas that might need clarification.  

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How to Comment

Submit all comments through NCQA’s public comment website. NCQA does not accept comments via mail, email or fax.

  1. Go to
  2. Once logged in, click to select Public Comments.
  3. Click Add Comment.
  4. In the Product field, click to select HEDIS Public Comment from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click the Instructions link to view public comment materials, including instructions and proposed measure specifications.
  6. Click to select the Topic and Element (measure) on which you want to comment.
  7. Click to select your support option (e.g., Support, Do not support, Support with modifications).
    Note: If you choose Do not support, include the reason in the text box. If you choose Support with modifications, enter the suggested modifications in the text box.)
  8. Enter your comments in the Comments box.
    Note: Comments may not be more than 2,500 characters. We suggest you develop comments in Word to check your character limit; save a copy for reference. Use the “cut and paste” function to copy your comment into the Comments box.
  9. Click Submit after each comment. After you have submitted all comments, click Close. You will be able to view and download all your submitted comments.

Reviewers are asked to submit comments by 11:59 p.m. (ET) Friday, April 12.

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