Proposed Updates for WHP and MBHO Accreditation 2020

Comment Period – November 5 – December 17, 2018.
All comments are due Monday, December 17 by 5:00pm ET.

NCQA invites you to comment on proposed updates to Wellness and Health Promotion Accreditation and Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization Accreditation 2020.

Health Plan Accreditation 2020 public comment period is also open through December 17. Some changes proposed for Health Plan Accreditation are also applicable to MBHO and other derivative products.

Public feedback is an important part of developing and updating our programs. NCQA reviews all comments and presents results to its advisory groups for deliberation and approval.

Proposed Changes

We may modify or eliminate the proposed changes based on public comment and other feedback.

NCQA focused improvements on the following areas:

Wellness and Health Promotion (WHP) Accreditation 2020

  • Eliminate the Accredited With Performance Reporting (AWPR) status option, along with the audit requirement for reporting WHP performance measures.

Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization (MBHO) Accreditation 2020

  • Add two elements to RR 4 (Practitioner and Provider Directories), to align with existing health plan directory requirements (NET 6) and industry trends:
    • Element C: Assessment of Practitioner Directory Accuracy.
    • Element D: Identifying and Acting on Opportunities.


The Other Product Updates Overview provides background for proposed changes, a summary of changes to requirements and topic-specific questions.

  1. Appendix 1: WHP 2020 Proposed Standard Changes includes draft standard changes.
  2. Appendix 2: MBHO 2020 Proposed Standard Changes includes draft standard changes.

About Public Comment

The public comment system is integrated with NCQA’s single-sign-on platform. If you have access to any system listed here, you can use the same credentials to log in and submit comments:

  • Interactive Data Submission System (IDSS).
  • Health Organization Questionnaire (HOQ).
  • Download Center.
  • Recognition Program Online Application.
  • Quality Compass (QC).
  • Policy/Program Clarification Support (PCS).

Note: If you use Forgot Password, this feature will change the password for all NCQA systems to which you have access. If you do not have access to any system listed, click Create an Account and complete the entire form. Retain the password for your records.

Submitting Comments

Submit all comments through the portal. NCQA does not accept comments via mail, e-mail or fax.

To enter comments:

  1. Go to My NCQA and enter your email address and password to login.
  2. Under My Services, select Public Comments
    1. Click the Open Public Comments link to view instructions, proposed requirements and questions.
  1. Click the Add Comment button to open the comment box.
  2. Select from the following topics:
    1. WHP 2020 Updates from the product drop-down list.
    2. MBHO 2020 Updates from the product drop-down list.
  3.  Click to select the Topic and Element (question) on which you would like to comment.
  1. Click to select your support option (Support, Do not support, Support with modifications).
    1. If you choose Do not support, include your rationale in the text box.
    2. If you choose Support with modifications, enter the suggested modification in the text box.
  1. Enter your comments in the Comments box.Note: There is a 2,500-character limit for each comment. We suggest you develop your comments in Word to check your character limit; use the “cut and paste” function to copy your comment into the Comments box.
  1. Use the Submit button to submit more than one comment. Use the Close button to finish submitting comments; you can view all submitted c
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