Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization (MBHO) Accreditation

NCQA Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization (MBHO) Accreditation demonstrates to health plans, employers, regulators and consumers that an organization follows evidence-based practices for providing high-quality care, access and consumer protections.

An expert panel of MBHOs, health plans, state agencies, consumer organizations and behavioral healthcare researchers helped update NCQA 2013 MBHO Accreditation. Modernized to help organizations thrive in today’s marketplace, MBHO accreditation emphasizes:

  • Care coordination to reduce fragmented care, especially for people with special needs.
  • Complex case management, a challenge for managed care initiatives where complex cases are common.
  • Data exchange between health plans and behavioral health care organizations, to support clinical quality and patient experience measurement and improvement by the MBHO.

Behavioral health care organizations earn NCQA Accreditation by proving their proficiency across five standards:

MBHO 1. Quality Management and Improvement  The organization has processes designed to monitor, evaluate and improve the quality and safety of care provided to its members, including those with complex needs.

MBHO 2. Care Coordination The organization coordinates medical care and behavioral healthcare for its members?

MBHO 3. Utilization Management The organization notifies members and practitioners about coverage decisions within required time frames. 

MBHO 4. Credentialing and Recredentialing The organization verifies the credentials of the practitioners in its network.

MBHO 5. Members’ Rights and Responsibilities The organization has a written members’ rights and responsibilities policy.

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