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Improving HEDIS Scores through Patient Engagement

This program was presented in conjunction with NCQA’s HEDIS Update and Best Practices seminars conducted in October 2012. If you are struggling with medication compliance, diabetes screening, improving patient understanding of their disease, and/or achieving lower A1c results, this dinner program will highlight innovative solutions and approaches to achieve quality results through patient engagement.

Supported by the updated ADA/EASD guidelines, which call for a patient-centered approach to treatment, the program will discuss the challenges and successes of helping patients better engage with their providers to obtain optimum health outcomes. Through presentations and interactive discussions, panelists and audience members will discuss improved care coordination through patient-clinician communications to enable patients to be engaged in their own health. In addition to sharing, the panelist will discuss NCQA’s new Case Management Accreditation and how the development of personalized patient-centered care plans can drive improvement in the care of patients with diabetes.

This optional, non-CME program was developed and coordinated by NCQA in collaboration with Managed Market Resources and is sponsored by sanofi.

Podcast 1

Podcast 2

Podcast 3

Podcast 4

Bringing HEDIS Measures To Life

Catalyze Change Through the Interdisciplinary Coordination of Diabetes Care

This program is presented in conjunction with NCQA’s HEDIS Update and Best Practices seminars conducted in October 2011. Program moderator, Cindy Ottone, NCQA’s Director of HEDIS policy, presents the new Comprehensive Diabetes Care (CDC) HEDIS measures for 2012. Esther Emard, Chief Operating Officer, discusses the importance of finding ways to improve the care of diabetes and encourage providers to participate in NCQA's Diabetes Recognition Programs. Following Cindy’s presentation will be Suzy Harrington, NCQA Director of Customer Resources, who will address NCQA’s Physician Recognition Programs, Medicare’s 5 Star Program along with Accountable Care Organizations. Cindy Brenneman, Director of Healthcare Quality Programs & Blue Cross Blue Shield, NC (BCBS NC) and Lucy Vidal-Barretto, Provider Quality Department Manager, BCBS NC will both offer a perspective on what they are doing to help improve their scores with the CDC HEDIS measure. Frank Stelling, NCQA’s Assistant Director of Policy will conclude the program by leading an interactive facilitated discussion with the panel and the audience.

This optional, non-CME program was developed and coordinated by NCQA in collaboration with Managed Market Resources and is sponsored by sanofi.

Podcast 1 - Comprehensive Diabetes Care Measures for 2012

Podcast 2 - Catalyzing Change in Physician Practices

Podcast 3 - BCBS NC’s Multi-pronged Approach to HEDIS Improvements

Podcast 4 - Improving Quality of Care for Patient with Diabetes Interactive Discussion

Managing the Challenges of Asthma Management

On October 25, 2012, NCQA hosted a free Webinar, Managing the Challenges of Asthma Management where expert faculty walked participants through current and future HEDIS® measurements for asthma care, explored mechanisms to improve measure performance and described real-world efforts to ensure appropriate asthma care.

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Performance Improvement CME

National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Quality Improvement Connection is an educational resource and gateway to CME Performance Improvement (PI) activities. PI activities are structured, long term processes by which physicians can use performance measures to retrospectively assess care in their practice, apply these measures prospectively over a useful interval of time, and re-evaluate their performance.

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A Toolbox for Transformation to the Patient-Centered Medical Home Webinar Series

NCQA is pleased to offer, together with Eli Lilly and Company, a series of educational activities titled A Toolbox for Transformation to the Patient-Centered Medical Home. These recorded activities are directed to primary care physicians and allied health professionals on the conceptual framework of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), the underlying principles that recognize a successful design and how practitioners can manage the barriers to implementing a PCMH including the use of health information technology.

NCQA’s PCMH ™ Recognition Program is widely acknowledged as the primary, standardized method for evaluating the capabilities of a practice to perform as a patient-centered medical home, and is the most widely accepted medical home model program in the country.

As a national leader in this framework, NCQA’s PCMH Recognition Program is based on the Joint Principles of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), and reflects the input of the American College of Physicians (ACP), American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Osteopathic Association (AOA) and others specialty societies. In addition, NCQA developed its PCMH requirements from widely accepted medical evidence, with significant input from physician specialists, health plans and employer representatives.

NCQA designed the following four educational activities to support the Primary Care Practice’s efforts towards developing and building the PCMH model:

Tool #1 - Building the Foundation: The Joint Principles of the Patient Centered Medical Home

Tool #2 - Lessons from PCMH Change Champions

Tool #3 - Quality Resources for Developing Your PCMH Project Plan

Tool #4 - Tracking Technology: Maximizing Your Data and Information Systems to Improve Patient Care





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