Interactive Survey System (ISS) Privacy Policy

How does NCQA collect and use your information for the Interactive Survey System?

User Information:
The Interactive Survey System (ISS) has two components: the Standards and Guidelines and the Survey Tool. Users must purchase a license to the Survey Tool to have access to the ISS.

When the license is purchased by an organization, the organization registers its name and contact information with NCQA and establishes an administrative user who manages all the users for that organization. Users must have a user ID, password, user name, and e-mail address. NCQA tracks the user’s acceptance of the license agreement, and the date of acceptance.

Organization Data:
The Survey Tool is intended to support preparation for a NCQA survey. As such, it asks questions and facilitates answering questions about NCQA standards. It also allows organizations to enter the names of documents that support the answers to the questions, save the documents in a document library that allows the organization to crosswalk their documents to the NCQA standards, and to provide narrative answers and project management comments.

In addition, the ISS tracks and provides the organization with information on who among its users has made changes to its Survey Tool. This information is available to the organization and is not generally accessed by NCQA.

Does NCQA’s Survey Tool use cookies?

The ISS uses a single cookie in order to manage the user’s session ID. The session ID is randomly generated and lasts only as long as the user is logged into the ISS. The data collected in a session is used by NCQA on an aggregate basis for the purpose of future resource planning for the ISS.

Does NCQA share your user information or organization data information?

Any information gathered by NCQA will be used in ways described in written agreements between you and NCQA, including the ASP Software License Agreement that your organization signs when licensing access to the Survey Took, the contract with NCQA to seek accreditation, certification or recognition, and the policies and procedures governing the NCQA accreditation, certification or recognition survey program.

Do you have choices regarding how your information is used?

NCQA will use the information you provide through the Survey Tool as described in this Privacy Policy and in written agreements between you and NCQA, including the Agreement for NCQA Accreditation Survey and the NCQA ISS End User Agreement.

How does NCQA secure my information?

The ISS resides on a secure site. Pre-survey, an organization may only access its own data through a password, which the organization maintains. NCQA stores pre-survey data in a separate database, with access controlled by password and user rights assigned by the organization. NCQA’s accesses pre-survey data for system maintenance purposes only. Once the survey process has begun and following the completion of the process, NCQA staff and surveyors involved in the organization’s survey will have access to the information, as well as individuals performing system maintenance. Others may have access to the information as prescribed in the Agreement for NCQA Accreditation Survey.

Whom can you contact if you have questions or concerns?

Please contact, to report any known or suspected privacy or security breaches or to submit privacy-related questions or complaints. You may contact us in the following ways:

1100 13th St., NW Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20005