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The last day to purchase the 2011 PCMH Survey Tool is June 30, 2014. All 2011 PCMH Survey Tools must be submitted by March 31, 2015. For additional information, see the Start-to-Finish PCMH Recognition page.

Patient-Centered Medical Home Survey Tool

This Web-based publication includes the Standards and Guidelines (the requirements to meet the Standards, as well as explanations and examples.) The Survey Tool also includes all the information and the electronic data collection tool needed to prepare and submit materials to apply for recognition.

IMPORTANT: If purchasing this product for more than one practice site, please contact NCQA Customer Support at (888) 275-7585 prior to ordering.

2014 PCMH Survey Tool (1-4 users)
Item # 30003-322-14
Price: $80

2011 PCMH Survey Tool (1-4 users)
Item # 30003-322-11
Price: $80

Application for Patient-Centered Medical Home

The application materials include an overview of the PCMH program, eligibility criteria and pricing information.

2014 PCMH and CAHPS-PCMH Online Application 
Item # 30002-150-14
Price: Free

2011 PCMH and CAHPS-PCMH Online Application
Item #: 30002-150-11
Price: Free

Patient-Centered Medical Home Standards and Guidelines

This publication includes the requirements to meet the standards, as well as explanations and examples.

Note: Use of the Survey Tool is required for Recognition.

2014 PCMH Standards and Guidelines E-Pub (single user)
Item # 30004-301-14
Price: Free

2011 PCMH Standards and Guidelines E-Pub (single user)
Item # 30004-301-11
Price: Free

2011 PCMH Standards and Guidelines Kindle
(single user)
Item# 30005-801-11
Price: $80

HEDIS Specifications for CAHPS PCMH Survey

This publication contains complete instructions for administering the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) PCMH (Patient-Centered Medical Home) Survey. It includes technical specifications, survey questionnaires, standardized protocols required for data collection and accompanying correspondence. This publication is intended for survey vendors and organizations interested in administering the survey for the PCMH Distinction in Patient Experience Reporting. More information on the Distinction in Patient Experience Reporting is located here.

HEDIS 2014 Specifications for CAHPS PCMH Survey e-pub

HEDIS 2012 Specifications for CAHPS PCMH Survey e-pub

CAHPS surveys are produced by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. To obtain a free copy of this CAHPS survey instrument:

Clinician & Group Survey for PCMH (Adult)

Clinician & Group Survey for PCMH (Child)


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