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Quality Compass is an indispensable tool used for selecting a health plan, conducting competitor analysis, examining quality improvement and benchmarking plan performance. Provided in this tool is the ability to generate custom reports by selecting plans, measures, and benchmarks (averages and percentiles) for up to three trended years. Results in table and graph formats offer simple comparison of plans’ performance against competitors or benchmarks.

Customize Your Quality Compass*

Choosing the right Quality Compass product for your organization is easy. First, choose your product line of data:
  • Commercial
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare*

* Quality Compass Medicare contains the latest HEDIS data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, along with NCQA averages and percentiles.

Then, select your data years:

  • Current year’s data – most recent year of HEDIS data
  • Trended data – up to three years of trended data 

Decide whether to add the optional Data Exporter, which is perfect for enhanced analysis and research opportunities. Quality Compass users equipped with the Data Exporter can:

  • Download their custom-built reports directly from the online tool into MS Excel
  • Receive access to the complete All-Measure Download (based on years purchased)
  • Access confidence intervals, exclusive to the Data Exporter and not found in standard editions of Quality Compass

Lastly, select the number of licensed users:

  • Single User
  • 2-10 Users
  • 11-20 Users
  • 21-25 Users
  • 26-30 Users
  • 31+ Users (Contact NCQA for additional information)

*Each Quality Compass purchase includes complimentary access to the corresponding version of RRU + Quality Index.

Please refer to the Quality Compass terms of use to ensure you are purchasing the appropriate user access.  Quality Compass provides a license to a single legal entity or organization as the licensee, with the right to access and use the product by a limited number of authorized users that are employees of the licensee.  The license is not transferrable to any other person, entity, organization or association, including without limitation any affiliate, shareholder, partner, or member of the licensee, and does not grant any rights of use by or on behalf of any parent, subsidiary or affiliate of the licensee.  Each person, entity, organization, association, parent, subsidiary or affiliated is required to separately register as a licensee for a selected number of employees as authorized users.  Section 2 of the license agreement outlines the sharing terms for Quality Compass data.  Each Quality Compass licensee is permitted to share, internally or externally, data for 20 health plans products, 15 measure rates (i.e., indicators) and two averages or percentiles per indicator. For clarifications on terms of use, contact NCQA for assistance.

If there are multiple legal entities or organizations that are part of a corporate family, please contact NCQA for additional information.  NCQA considers organizations to be part of a corporate family only if the organizations share common ownership or control. For example, a parent corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, or a nonprofit organization that controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with another non-profit organization.  NCQA does not consider other affiliated companies that do not share common control or ownership (i.e., are not controlled or owned by a single parent organization) to be part of the same corporate family for special licensing arrangements.  Organizations that would like to enter into a special licensing arrangement as a corporate family must contact NCQA for a customized license agreement and may not use the standard Quality Compass terms of use that are intended only for single entities and organizations.

For ordering assistance, corporate family licenses,  or for license packages over 30 users, please contact NCQA Customer Support at (888) 275-7585.

Order Quality Compass

Once product options are selected, customers can purchase Quality Compass by:

Please review our Ordering Policies and Discount Information. This includes the Return and Exchange Policy, shipping, discount and other publication-related information.

New for Quality Compass 2013: 

Quality Compass: Medicare—Trended Data

For the first time, customers can purchase Quality Compass: Medicare with up to three years of trended data. With a multi-year data package, users can view year-to-year performance trends for individual health plans and benchmarks for advanced analysis opportunities.

Quality Compass: Commercial and Medicaid—Measures Collected Through CAHPS Surveys

For HEDIS 2013, NCQA updated the CAHPS survey questionnaire from version 4.0H to 5.0H. Revisions include changes to number, order and wording of survey questions for consistency across CAHPS survey products.

Other Data Available

File 5

File 5 Commercial and Medicaid Licenses contain detailed Member Satisfaction Data using the HEDIS/CAHPS 5.0H Adult Survey. This blinded member-level data is collected using the HEDIS/CAHPS 5.0H Adult Survey. Organizations contract with NCQA-Certified Survey Vendors to administer surveys using HEDIS survey specifications, and to submit collected data to NCQA for calculation of HEDIS survey results.

NCQA survey programs employ various data validation and cleaning routines to ensure that only valid and appropriate data are used to calculate HEDIS survey results. The data included in File 5 represents cleaned, validated data sets that NCQA used to calculate HEDIS 2013 CAHPS 5.0H survey results.

File 5 is offered as a SAS® file and is ideal for research and analysis.

Data Licensing

NCQA offers licenses for its health plan performance database, including accreditation results, HEDIS performance measures and member satisfaction results. These data files contain the most comprehensive set of measures of health plan quality available. Offered in both CSV and Excel files, the performance data license is designed for consultants and employers for use in self-built report cards and benefit communication tools.

For more information on licensing NCQA data to create customized tools for resale relationships, please visit our
Data Licensing page.

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