Introductory Audio on Standards

During this teleconference, NCQA staff will discuss the basic content of the standards for each respective recognition program.  The Workshop provides basic information about each program and the criteria for becoming recognized.**No Registration Required**    

Who should attend?  Anyone considering applying or completing an application for recognition.

What does the program cost?  The program is free to attend.

Where is it being held?  The location is at your facility.

Does it require registration? No, this is an audio conference and does not require registration.

How can I participate?  Print or download the appropriate PowerPoint presentation posted on the NCQA Web site before the training session. (see below)

Diabetes Recognition Program: PDF*
Heart/Stroke Recognition Program: PDF*
Physician Practice Connections®: PDF*
Physician Practice Connections® - Patient-Centered Medical Home TM 2008: PDF*
Back Pain Recognition Program: PDF | PPT*

* Note to Windows users: If you are experiencing difficulty getting the PowerPoint file to appear in your browser, right-click the link and select "Save Target As..." to save it to your machine.

Ten minutes prior to the beginning of the presentation, please call the phone number listed below for the program of interest to you.  Enter * before and after the room number.  Be sure to have your presentation printed out and available prior to the call.  You may also choose to view the PowerPoint slide presentation on your computer system, or if a large group is attending, you will want to use an LCD projector and speakerphone in the room.

PPC® – 866-262-1846, room number *3865358*

PPC®-PCMH TM 2008– 866-262-1846, room number *3865358*

HSRP – 866-258-0959, room number *6243249*

DPRP– 866-258-0959, room number *1465411*

BPRP– 866-258-0959, room number *5445406*

If you have any problems attempting to participate in the teleconference, please call our staff at 888-275-7585.