Accountable Care Organization Publications

The 2012 ACO Standards and Guidelines and Survey Tool are effective November 21, 2011.

Application for Accountable Care Organization

This application provides all materials required to apply for an NCQA survey and includes pricing information, policies and procedures and the survey agreement.

2012 Accountable Care Organization Application
Item # 11003-150-12
Price: Free

Survey Tool for the Accreditation of Accountable Care Organizations

Organizations applying for accreditation must  first purchase and complete the Survey Tool and submit it to NCQA to begin the accreditation process.The Survey Tool includes all information needed to prepare and submit materials for an NCQA survey.

2012 ACO Survey Tool  

Standards and Guidelines for the Accountable Care Organizations

This publication features in-depth explanations and examples of how to meet the standards, accreditation scoring guidelines and points, accreditation outcomes and reporting categories. Eligibility requirements, application information and policies and procedures are also included.

Note: Purchase of the Standards and Guidelines is not necessary when purchasing the Survey Tool.

2012 Accountable Care Organization Standards and Guidelines e-pub 

2012 Accountable Care Organization Standards and Guidelines Web-based publication 

NEW! HEDIS 2013 Technical Specifications for ACO Measurement

A necessary resource for anyone involved in collecting, calculating or submitting HEDIS data for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). This publication features general guidelines for data collection and the complete technical specifications for the performance measures referenced in NCQA’s Standards and Guidelines for the Accreditation of Accountable Care Organizations. The publication includes detailed instructions on sampling, how to perform the necessary calculations, and all relevant data elements for reporting ACO measure results for accreditation or quality improvement initiatives.

HEDIS 2013 Technical Specifications for ACO Measurement

Accreditation User Group (AUG) Memberships

The AUG is a communication, learning and development platform for members to discuss updates to NCQA Accreditation and Certification products and their application to organizations. Members also have the opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of future products. Membership benefits include newsletters, discount vouchers and up-to-date technical information, as well as the inside track on standards development.

2014 AUG Package
The 2014 AUG membership year follows NCQA’s standards year, which runs July 1, 2013–June 30, 2014. For more information, click here

2014 AUG Package 
Item #10703-150-14
Price: $950

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