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What is Quality ProfilesTM?

Quality Profiles is the result of a joint effort by two organizations that share a deep and profound interest in promoting quality in managed care - the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and Pfizer, Inc. Pfizer has sponsored NCQA's effort to offer managed care organizations -- and other interested health care professionals -- models of the successful pursuit of clinical and service excellence.

Since its inception, NCQA has been leading the nation's efforts to evaluate and report on quality in managed care, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of care delivered to people everywhere. The NCQA Accreditation program has greatly accelerated efforts in the industry to systematically improve health care delivery. Through that program, NCQA has developed an extensive database summarizing what managed care organizations are currently doing to affect Quality Management and Improvement (QI). Pfizer is equally committed to quality patient care, and has worked with managed care organizations to help them in their efforts to improve the delivery of quality health care to their members.

The database NCQA has developed through its review of health plan quality improvement activities (QIAs) is a unique asset, which can be mined productively to share best practices in the industry.

Quality Profiles: The Leadership Series

NCQA has released nine volumes in a series of Quality Profiles publications that highlight successful efforts to address specific health care issues. Click on the links below to learn more.

Focus on the Patient-Centered Medical Home (2013)

Focus on Patient Engagement (2011)

Focus on Supporting Quality Improvement Through the Use of Health Information Technology (2009)

Focus on Tobacco Dependence and Smoking Cessation (2008)

Focus on Wellness and Prevention (2007)

Focus on Enhancing Care for Older Adults (2006)

Focus on Diabetes (2005)

Focus on Depression (2004)

Focus on Cardiovascular Disease (2003)

*Quality Profiles is a program funded by Pfizer