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Diabetes Recognition Program Summit

The Summit was held at NCQA headquarters in Washington, DC. NCQA leadership, clinical program support staff and a wide array of industry stakeholders volunteered their time to share ideas and suggestions on how the quality of care patients with diabetes receive can be improved and how the DRP program can help accomplish this goal.

The Summit was organized by Sanofi, a supporter of the DRP since 2009, through its Partners in Patient Health division. By focusing on critical health issues such as diabetes, Partners in Patient Health strives to help improve the health of patients by connecting people, ideas, and solutions—networking with advocates representing national patient, provider, payer, quality, science, and innovation groups. 

As a result of the summit, the steering committee, with insights across 13 different diabetes care stakeholders including NCQA, have written a White Paper on the topic of Leaders Advancing the Quality of Care for Patients with Diabetes. Our hope is that you will find the White Paper informative and will share it with others, you feel could benefit from this collective knowledge.

Summit Objectives:

  • Exchange industry knowledge on the variety of solutions and technology advancements being used across the country & critical relationships to improved outcomes to advance the mission of the Diabetes Recognition Program
  • Outline projects/programs that have the potential of increasing the number of health plans that provide incentives for clinicians that meet the requirement of the DRP
  • Identify how DRP can help within both the PCMH and ACO model to improve care of patients with diabetes
  • Identify ways to expand awareness and increase best practices through use of vehicles such as, cloud communities, increased patient awareness campaigns, etc.)

To see the complete list of steering committee members, please click here.