Highlighting Plans' Quality

NCQA helps health plans demonstrate their willingness to measure, analyze, report and improve the quality of their services. Employers, consumers, providers and regulators regard NCQA Accreditation as the gold standard in evaluating health plans' quality.


NCQA Accreditation helps organizations win business, meet regulatory requirements and distinguish themselves from the competition. Accreditation supports to quality improvement and value. 

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)
ACO Accreditation helps providers show they’re ready to be accountable for the health care of a defined population.

Case Management (CM)
CM Accreditation highlights the quality of organizations that manage patients with complex needs.

Disease Management (DM)
Our most comprehensive evaluation of organizations that provide disease management services.

Health Plan (HP)
The industry’s most rigorous and meaningful evaluation now helps plans get ready to compete in Exchanges.

Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organizations (MBHO)
MBHO accreditation recognizes organizations that measure and improve the quality and safety of their behavioral healthcare services across a continuum of care.

Wellness & Health Promotion (WHP)
WHP accreditation distinguishes effective workplace assistance programs that help members change unhealthy behaviors and adopt healthy ones.  


Certification products represent a subset of the standards and guidelines for our accreditation products and are appropriate for organizations that provide specific services but not comprehensive programs.

Credentials Verification Organizations (CVO)
CVO certification evaluates the systems and continuous improvement of CVOs as they support their managed care clients.

Disease Management (DM)
DM certification is a streamlined evaluation that uses a subset of NCQA DM Accreditation standards.

Health Information Products (HIP)
HIP certification evaluates organizations that insurers select to perform duties delegated in connection with NCQA HP Accreditation.

Physician and Hospital Quality (PHQ)
PHQ certification evaluates how well health plans measure and report the quality and cost of physicians and hospitals.

Utilization Management and Credentialing (UM/CR)
NCQA’s Physician Organization Certification and Organization Certification products combined in a single set of standards.

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