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NCQA State Exchanges White Paper

Building State Exchanges to Get Better Value White Paper explains how states can build exchanges to not just expand coverage but also promote better value health care.

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ACO Accreditation

 In-depth information and overview.

NCQA Health Insurance Plan Rankings

Get the 2011-12 Rankings. 

See NCQA's Health Plan Report Card for plans' current Accreditation status.

State of Health Care Quality 2011

Download NCQA's main annual analysis of American health care here

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  • 3.27.12

    Press Invited to Interview 2012 Health Quality Champions

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  • 2.26.13

    Public is Invited to Comment on Proposed Accreditation and Certification Updates

  • 2.21.13

    NCQA Seeks Input on New and Revised HEDIS Measures

  • 1.17.13

    New NCQA Certification Program Identifies Medical Home Experts